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Syed Madiha asked 2 years ago

Is it wrong for parents to respect their child? If a child has made a right decision but the parents do not like it because of \”what will the society say\” norm,  what shall the child do?

1 Answers
Faizan ul Mustafa Staff answered 2 years ago

Answer: The parent should take care of, and show mercy to the children, and the children should respect the parents, if the word ”respect” in your question refers to care and consideration, it is good that they give consideration to their child’s decision, but if the child does not show any respect and the parent are respecting him such that they can’t command him at all, and he rules them, then this is bad situation and not allowed for the child, and it is mentioned as a sign of the Qiyamah in a Hadees.
In the case of any decision made by a child and parents do not agree due to customs, he still must try to make them agreed and get their consent, and in the case they do not agree and the issue is not something ritual obligatory he must follow them. And Allah knows the best
Faizanul Mustafa Qadri