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Divorce and second marriage

Shazad asghar asked 3 years ago

I had arranged marriage 7 years ago and alhumdulilah have two kids. My marriage however is phased out and no happiness in it. I have lost interest and affection towards her. I have tried to reconnect and did everything possible but don’t feel like I can go on pretending everything is ok. She is not to blame and is all on me. Whilst contemplating of moving out and separating but still supporting her I am considering getting married again.there is potential person I am fond of. I want to know if me divorcing wife is wrong will I be sinful for this. Also implication of divorcing wife to get married again is the any sin of the second wife part. Finally I can’t 100% agree to two wives as it big responsibility with time and so on. The way I see if two options getting married again and first wife under own accord gives up her rights with regards to time spent with each one I will still support her with money food and accommodation. If this is not poissiblebthen divorcing first wife and getting remarried.
Wanted to know if any of this is wrong in eyes of Islam on all parties.
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1 Answers
Omair Shariff Staff answered 1 year ago

In the circumstances you described and for the reasons you cited, divorcing your wife would certainly be bad, but not sinful. Marrying another woman alongside your current wife would also not be sinful. However, if you cannot properly attend to the needs of both wives, then that would also be sinful on your part.
Allah knows best