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Pointing the Finger in Tashahhud

Pointing One’s Finger in Tashahhud in the Light of Fiqh and Ḥadīth Written in Urdu by: Mufti Faizanul Mustafa Qadri Translated by: Omair Shariff To recite the tashahhud (at-taḥīyyāt) when sitting in the prayer is wājib, and to point the index finger of the right hand while reciting th

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The Ruling of the Shariah Regarding Mechanical Slaughter

THE LAW OF SHARIAH REGARDING MECHANICAL SLAUGHTER By Muḥaddith-e-Kabīr Hazrat `Allāma Zia-ul-Mustafa Al-Qādiri Razvi Amjadi Translated by Mohammed Afthab Cassim Razvi Afriqi INTRODUCTION In our present day and age, the method of mechanical slaughter, i.e. slaughter by use of machines,

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Worship in Rajab and the Doubts of its Deniers

Worship in Rajab and the Doubts of its Deniers Mufti Faizanul Mustafa Qadri Al-Noor Institute of Islamic Sciences, Houston The sacred month of Rajab has always been regarded by Muslims of Ahl Sunnah wa’l Jamā`ah to be a time of worship and reflection, and they have taken to performing

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