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The Reckoning and Accountability

Belief: The reckoning and accountability on the last day is a fact (i.e. the truth). We are certainly going to be held accountable for our deeds.

Belief: One who rejects the reality of accountability and reckoning is a kaafir. On the day of reckoning, there will be those whom Almighty Allah will question in confidentiality. He will question them in regards to their wrongdoings, and they will accept all their wrongs and fear the Judgment of Allah. Allah will say, ‘I hid your sins whilst you were on earth and now I am forgiving you.’ Some people will be questioned with intense strictness. Those who are questioned in this manner will have their fate sealed. He will ask some, ‘Did I not bless you with respect and dignity? Did I not make you a leader amongst your people? Did I not subdue for you horses and camels? With the exception of these, Almighty Allah will remind them of many other bounties which He bestowed upon them. They will answer in the positive, saying that it was true that Almighty Allah had blessed them with everything. Allah will say, ‘Did you know that you were to meet with me?’ and they will answer negatively. Almighty Allah will say, ‘Then just as you did not remember Me, I too shall leave you to suffer in this punishment.’ When Almighty Allah will remind some of the unbelievers in regards to His bounties, thereafter questioning them about their actions, they will claim to have believed in Allah, His Books and His Prophets. They will claim to have established Namaaz and Fasting. They will also say that they gave Sadqa and performed numerous other good deeds. Almighty Allah will then silence them and bring witnesses unto what they have said. These people will wonder who will be brought as witnesses against them. A seal will be placed onto their mouths and the rest of their body will be commanded to testify. Their thighs, flesh, bones, hands and feet etc. will testify against them and the truth will be heard. They shall then be thrown into the dungeons of hell. The beloved Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم said, ‘70 000 from my Ummah will enter Jannat without reckoning and through their blessings, another 70000 will enter Jannat with each one of them and Almighty Allah will send another 3 Jama’ats into Paradise with them.’ It is unknown to us the amount of people each Jama’at will comprise of. This number is known to Almighty Allah. All those who performed Tahaj’jud will be allowed to enter Paradise without reckoning. There will also be such a person from this Ummah whose 99 journals will be filled with sinful deeds. The magnitude of each journal will be as far as the eye can see. All these books will be opened and Almighty Allah will ask him if he has any complaint about any of the deeds that have been presented. Allah will ask if Kiraaman Kaatibeen (Angels who record our deeds) were justified in what they recorded for him. He will reply by saying that all which has been recorded is simply the truth. Almighty Allah will ask if he had any excuse and he will reply by saying that he did not have any excuse for his sins. Almighty Allah will say, ‘Indeed your one good deed is present before Us. Today, you will not be treated unjustly.’ A piece of paper will be presented, on which Kalima Shahadah would be written, It will be weighed on the command of Almighty Allah. The person will say that this one piece of paper is nothing in comparison to all his bad deeds, and Almighty Allah will again say to him that he will not be treated unjustly. Then, all his journals of bad deeds will be placed on one end of the scale and that piece of paper will be placed on the other end of the scale. That piece of paper will weigh more than all his journals of bad deeds. There is no limit to the Mercy of Almighty Allah. Through His Mercy, modest things may become vast.