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The Hereafter and Resurrection

The earth, the skies, humans, Jins and the Angels will all undoubtedly expire and perish one day. Only Almighty Allah is forever Existing. A few signs will appear before the end of the world. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Three earthquakes will occur causing many people to be consumed by the earth. One will occur in the East, one in the West and one in the Arabian Peninsula.
  2. Knowledge will be taken away. In other words, the Ulama will pass away from this world (very swiftly). This does not mean that the Ulama will remain and the knowledge will vanish from their hearts.
  3. There will be an excess of ignorance.
  4. Adultery will be in abundance like donkeys mate with one another without any shame. There will be no respect and modesty left between the young and the old.
  5. The population of men will decrease and the population of women will increase. There will be only one man for every 50 women.
  6. With the exception of the main ‘Daj’jaal’ there will be 30 other Daj’jaals. Each of them will claim to be a prophet, even though the Doors of Prophethood have been sealed. Some of these Daj’jaals have already gone by. Some of those gone by are: Musailama Kaz’zab, Tulaiha bin Khuwailid, Aswad Ansi, Sajjah (was a female who later accepted Islam) and Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani etc. Others, who have not as yet appeared, will definitely appear as well.
  7. There shall be an abundance of wealth. The river Euphrates will unveil its treasures, forming mountains of gold.
  8. Lush vegetation and orchards will grow in the Arabian Desert. Rivers too will flow therein.
  9. To remain firm on Islam will be as difficult as holding burning coals in ones hand. People will go to the graveyard and wish that they were amongst the dead.
  10. There will be no barkat in time, meaning time will pass by very swiftly. A year will pass like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day and a day will pass by as swiftly as something burns rapidly after catching fire.
  11. People will regard dispensing their Zakaat, a burden. They will regard it a penalty.
  12. People will study the knowledge of Deen but not for the purpose of Deen.
  13. Men will become subservient to their wives.
  14. Children will disobey and disrespect their parents.
  15. People will socialise with their friends and shun their fathers (i.e. parents).
  16. People will shout (raise their voices) in the Musjid.
  17. Music will become common.
  18. People will curse their predecessors and address them with disrespect.
  19. Wild animals will converse with humans. The tip of a whip and shoe laces (straps) will also speak. They will relate to a person whatever happened in his house whilst he was at the market.
  20. Disreputable people, who once had no clothes or shoes to wear, will boastfully live in huge mansions.
  21. The appearance of Daj’jaal: With the exception of Makkah and Madinah, he will travel the entire world in 40 days. Of these 40 days, the first day will be equivalent to a year, the second day will be equivalent to a month, the third day equivalent to a week and the rest of the days shall all be of 24 hours each. He will travel very swiftly, like gusts of strong winds which steer the clouds. His fitna (corruption) will be very potent. He will have with him a garden and a huge fire. He will refer to his garden as Jannat and his fire as Jahanum. These will accompany him wherever he goes. That which looks like a garden will be fire in reality and the fire will be a garden in reality. He will claim to be Allah. He will enter all those who believe in him into his garden and he will enter all those who reject him into his fire. He will bring the dead back to life, he will command barren land to grow lush vegetation, he will cause it to rain, he will cause the livestock to become healthy. When he enters a barren land, those buried there will rise and follow him like swarms of bees. He will show many other startling signs, which in reality will be illusions and the trickery of shaitaan. These illusions shall have no bearing with reality, thus when he leaves any place, the people living there shall be left with nothing. He will try to enter Makkah and Madinah, but the Angels assigned by Almighty Allah will turn him away from this direction. However, 3 earth tremors will occur in Madinah Shareef, because there will be those living in Madinah Shareef under the pretext of being Muslims, but they will be kaafirs at heart and will be from amongst those who are known by Allah, who will end up with Daj’jaal. These people will flee from Madinah in fear of the earth tremors and will join the army of daj’jaal. The Jewish army will also join forces with him. The alphabets ك ف ر  depicting the word ‘kaafir’ will be engraved on his forehead. All the true Muslims will see this clearly but this will not be visible to the unbelievers. After travelling the world, Daj’jaal will reach Syria, where Hazrat Esa عليه السلام will descend on the Eastern Minaret of the Jaame Musjid of Damascus at this critical moment. It will be early in the morning. The Iqaamat for Namaaz-e-Fajr would have already been called out. Hazrat Imam Mahdi will be present in this Jama’at. Hazrat Esa عليه السلام will command him to lead the Fajr Namaaz. Complying with this command, Hazrat Imam Mahdi will lead the congregation and Daj’jaal will begin to dissolve through the fragrant breath of Hazrat Esa, just as salt dissolves in water. This fragrant scent of Hazrat Esa’s  breath will spread for as far as the eye can see. Daj’jaal will flee and Hazrat Esa will pursue him, launching a spear into his back, ultimately killing him, thereby sending him into hell.
  22. Above we have briefly explained the descending of Hazrat Esaعليه السلام  from the heavens. During his era, there shall be an abundance of wealth. If any person gives wealth to another during this era, he shall refuse it. There shall be no jealousy and hatred during this time. Hazrat Esa will destroy all the crucifixes and slay all the swines. All the people of the book who survive will accept Islam and bring Imaan on him. At this time, there shall be only one religion in the world and that will be Deen-e-Islam, and only one Madhab namely Madhab-e-Ahle Sunnat will prevail. During this time, children will play with snakes, and goats and lions will graze together. Hazrat Esa will remain on earth for 40 years. He will marry and have children. After he passes away, he will be laid to rest in the Rauza-e- Anwar.
  23. A synopsis of Hazrat Imam Mahdi’s arrival is as follows: A time will come when the entire world will be trapped in kufr. During this time, all the Abdals and the Awliyah from all over the world will migrate to Haramain Sharifain. Islam will only be prevalent there. The rest of the world will be engulfed by kufr. It will be the month of Ramadan and the Abdals will engrossed in the Tawaaf of the Holy Kaaba. Imam Mahdi . will also be present there. The Awliyah Allah will recognise him and thus request to take (Bai’at) the oath of Allegiance at his hands. He will refuse to fulfil their requests. Just then, a voice will be heard saying: ‘This is Mahdi, the Khalifa of Allah. Listen to what he says and obey his commands.” Immediately, all the Awliyah will pledge their allegiance to him. He will take all of them with him and journey to Syria. After the slaying of Daj’jaal, Almighty Allah will command Hazrat Esa عليه السلام to take all the Muslims onto the Mount Toor, when such a nation is about to appear with whom none shall have the ability to do battle.
  24. The appearance of Yajuj Majuj: They will emerge after all the Muslims go onto the Mount Toor (Sinai). Their population will be very large. When they pass through Buhaira Tabriya (which is a 10 mile stretch); the first Jama’at that passes through will drink every drop of water in this river. When the second Jama’at passes through, they will feel that there was never any water in the river before their arrival. They will kill and destroy everything that is in their path causing mayhem. After all the killings and massacres, they will say, ‘we have killed all those on earth. Now let us kill those in the sky’. They will fire their arrows into the sky and through the Will of Allah, their arrows will return to the ground drenched in blood. At this time, on the mountain, Hazrat Esa and his followers would be facing very harsh conditions. There will be a scarcity of everything. One head of a cow will be more valuable than the current day value of one hundred Ashrafis (gold coins). Hazrat Esa and his companions will make Dua and Almighty Allah will create a worm in the necks of the Yajuj Majuj, which will cause a festering wound. All of them will instantly die due to this. After their destruction, Hazrat Esa will descend with his followers from the  mountain. They will find the entire earth polluted by the foul smelling remains of the Yajuj Majuj. Again Hazrat Esa and his companions will make Dua. Almighty Allah will send a huge bird, which will pick up their remains and discard of them where Allah Wills. The Muslims will burn their spears, bows, arrows and quivers, which will burn continuously for 7 years. This will be followed by refreshing rains, which will cleanse the earth. The earth will be commanded to sprout delicious fruit and vegetation. The skies and

the earths will be commanded to unveil their bounties. The situation during this time will be so fulfilling that an entire congregation will be able to eat a single pomegranate and 10 people will be able to sit under the shade of that pomegranate peel. Everything will be in abundance. The milk of a single camel will suffice for an entire congregation, the milk of a cow will suffice for an entire clan, and the milk of single goat will suffice for an entire household.

  1. Huge clouds of mysterious smoke will appear, causing darkness from the earth up to the sky.
  2. The appearance of Daab’batul Ard: This is a creature which will have in its possession the Asa (Staff) of Hazrat Musa and the ring of Hazrat Sulaiman عليهما السلام. He will make a glowing mark on the foreheads of the Muslims by using the Asa of Hazrat Musa and by using the ring of Hazrat Sulaiman عليهما السلام, he will make an ugly black spot on the foreheads of the unbelievers. At this time, all the Muslims and kaafirs will become clearly noticeable. This sign will never change. Those who are kaafirs will never become Muslims and those who are Muslims will never lose their Imaan.
  3. The Sun will rise from the West. When this phenomenon occurs, the doors of Tauba (repentance) will be sealed. If any person accepts Islam after this, his Islam will not be valid.
  4. After the passing away of Hazrat Esa عليه السلام and when only 40 years remains for Qiyaamat, a fragrant breeze will blow, which will pass under the armpits of the people. When this happens, all the Muslims will pass away and the entire earth will only be inhabited by kaafirs, and it is upon them that Qiyaamat will come. We have only mentioned a few signs of Qiyaamat here. Some of them are already evident, whilst others are still to occur. After this fragrant breeze blows under the armpits of the people and when all the Muslims have passed away, there will come such a time, wherein no child will be born for 40 years. In other words there will be no one younger than forty years of age. The entire earth will be inhabited by unbelievers. There will be none left on earth to take the Name of Almighty Allah. People will be engrossed in worldly activities; some plastering their homes and feasting etc. when suddenly Hazrat Israfeel will be commanded to blow the ‘Soor’. The sound of the Soor will be very soft at first then gradually increasing in intensity. People will raise their ears to listen to this sound, which will render them unconscious and then ultimately causing their death. The skies, the earth, the Soor and even Israfeel عليه السلام and the entire creation will perish. With the exception of One Allah, nothing else will be in existence. Almighty Allah will say, ‘Whose Supreme Rule is there today?’ In other words, where are the dictators and the arrogant ones today?

None will be in existence to answer. Allah will say, ‘It is only the Supreme Rule of One Allah, The Most Powerful.’ Then, whenever Almighty Allah wills, He will cause Hazrat Israfeel  عليه السلامto rise again. The Soor will be brought back into existence and Allah will command Hazrat Israfeel عليه السلام to blow the Soor. The entire creation including the Angels, Jins, humans, animals etc. will return to existence. The Holy Prophet عليه السلام will be the first to rise from his blessed Rauda-e-Anwar. He will rise with the hand of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique in his right hand and the hand of Hazrat Umar-e- Farouk in his left hand, followed by all the Muslims buried in the Holy Cemeteries of Makkah Mukarramah and Madinatul Munaw’wara. The Prophet عليه السلام will take all of them with him and walk towards the ‘Plains of Resurrection’.

Belief: Qiyaamat will certainly be established. One, who rejects this, is an unbeliever.

Belief: Not only souls will be revived on the Day of Reckoning, but reckoning will be for both the body and the soul. One who says that only the souls will be revived and the body will not be revived, is an unbeliever.

Belief: If a person’s body has been disintegrated, decayed or even devoured by animals, Almighty Allah will gather all of this and raise the body once again. On the day of reckoning, people will emerge from their graves barefoot, unclothed and uncircumcised. Some people will be on foot whilst others will be on a conveyance. Some will be sitting individually on an animal, whilst others will be 2, 3, 4 or 5, right up to 10 persons per animal. The unbelievers will go towards the Plains of Resurrection dragging themselves on their faces. Some will be dragged towards the plains by Angels, whilst others will be engulfed by fire.

The Plains of Resurrection will be established in Syria. The ground will be made so smooth, that even if a mustard seed were to be placed on the opposite end, it would be visible. On the Day of Reckoning, the earth will be made of copper and the sun will be only 1 mile above our heads. The narrator of the Hadith states, ‘It is not known whether 1 mile in this case refers to the applicator used to apply surmah or the standard distance of a mile.’ Even if it refers to a mile, the intensity of the sun’s heat on that day is obvious. Presently, the sun is at a distance of 4000 years from the earth with its rear facing us, whilst on the day of reckoning it will be a mile above our heads and directly facing us. We all know what the intensity of the sun’s heat feels like when the sun is at its peak on a normal summer’s day. It makes it almost impossible to venture outdoors. Now, imagine the intensity of the sun’s heat when it will be only 1 mile over our heads? Presently, the ground is made of sand and we have shoes etc. to wear. On the day of reckoning, the ground will be made of copper and we will be standing upon it bare feet. There is none that can truly understand the intensity of the heat at that critical hour. May Almighty Allah protect us! Aameen. The intensity of the heat will cause the brain to boil. We will perspire to such an extent that our perspiration will seep 70 yards into the earth. When the earth cannot soak in anymore perspiration, the perspiration will rise above the ground. Some will be in perspiration up to their ankles, some up to their knees, some up to their waist, some up to their chest, and some up to their necks. The unbelievers will be drowning in their own perspiration up to their mouths, just as reigns are fixed to a horse’s mouth. Thirst will be so severe, that we cannot really explain it. The tongue will become so dry that it will feel like thorns. The tongues of some will be hanging out of their mouths. The heart will boil and come up into the throat. Every person will be suffering as per his or her sins. If a person did not discharge his Zakaat accurately, with regards to gold and silver, then the gold and silver will be heated and used to brand him on his side, back and forehead. If a person did not give Zakaat on his livestock correctly, those animals will be brought forth strong and healthy on the day of reckoning, and he will be placed on the burning hot ground, whilst the animals will run over him, stampeding over him and piercing him with their horns. After running over him once, they will return from the opposite direction doing exactly the same thing. This will continue until the reckoning of the people ends (based on this conjecture). With the exception of these torments, many other dreadful punishments will be unleashed upon the wrongdoers, and during this critical moment, none will care about the other. Brothers will flee from brothers. Parents will desert their children. A mans wife and children will shun him. Everyone will be concerned about himself, detained in his own punishment. None will be of any assistance to another. Hazrat Adam will be commanded to separate the inmates of hell from the Jannatis (dwellers of paradise). He will ask, How many from how many? The reply will be, ‘999 (go to hell) from every 1000.’

It will be such an intense time that due to sadness, children will become old and pregnant women will abort their unborn children. It will seem as if everyone is intoxicated but this will not be so. In reality they will seem to be in this intoxicated state due to their immense fear and sadness. The punishment commanded by Allah is very intense. Which one of the torments of that day can we really explain? If there were just a few or even a hundred or a thousand, we would be able to explain them, but on the day of Reckoning, we will have to face a numerous punishments and all that we can really do is beg Allah to afford us salvation from these dreadful torments. These torments will not only last for a few hours, days or months but for the entire day of Reckoning, which will be equivalent to 50 000 years. After almost half the day passes, the people will find themselves in the same terrifying predicament, so they will consult with each another. After consultation, they will choose to seek out an intercessor who will intercede on their behalf. They will ultimately decide to present themselves before Hazrat Adam , as he is the father of all humans and because Almighty Allah granted him special excellence by creating him with His Dast-e-Qudrat (i.e. His Divine Power), blessing him with the opportunity of residing in Jannat and awarding him the grand endowment of Nabuiwat. After much difficulty, they will find their way to Hazrat Adam . They will address him by saying, ‘O Adam ! You are the father of all humans. Almighty Allah created you with His Dast-e-Qudrat and He adorned you with a special soul. He commanded the Angels to prostrate before you and He allowed you to reside in Holy Paradise. He blessed you with the knowledge of the names of all things. Almighty Allah has also made you ‘Safee’ (His Chosen Friend). Please have mercy on our pitiful condition and intercede on our behalf, so that Almighty Allah will release us from this punishment and torment.’ Hazrat Adam  will say, ‘It is not my position to intercede for you. Today I am concerned about my own wellbeing.’ He will further say that the Wrath of Allah is so intense today, that never has it been witnessed in such intensity before and never shall such intensity be witnessed again. He will ask them to go to another. They will ask about where they should go and he will recommend them to go to Hazrat Nuh as he is the first Rasool whom Almighty Allah sent to earth for the guidance of a nation. The people will then go to Hazrat Nuh praising him. They will then request him to intercede on their behalf. Here too, they will receive the same answer. He will then send them to Hazrat Ibrahim  as Allah had blessed him with being His ‘Khaleel’. They will present themselves before Hazrat Ibrahim and he too will give the same answer. In brief, they will then present themselves before Hazrat Musa عليه السلام who will in turn send them to Hazrat Esa عليه السلام. He too will tell them that it is not within his power to intercede on this day. He will ask them to go to him in whose hands Allah has given the authority of intercession and who is fearless, even on this frightful day. He will ask them to go towards the leader of all the children of Adam. He will send them towards Khaatamun Nabiyeen Hazrat Muhammad عليه السلام, saying that it is he alone who has been blessed with the authority of intercession. The people will go around in circles, weeping, lamenting, begging helplessly, and looking for the beloved Rasool صلی اللہ علیہ وسلمuntil finally they find him. On seeing him, they will say, ‘O Muhammad عليه السلام! Almighty Allah has blessed you with the power to open the doors of intercession.’ You are the only one who is completely at eace today. They will praise the Prophet عليه السلام in the best manner possible and beg his assistance. The Holy Prophet عليه السلام will answer by saying: “I am (here) for this reason.’ ‘I am the one you have been seeking out.’

After saying this, the Prophet عليه السلام will enter the Court of Allah and he will fall into Sajdah and intercede on our behalf. Almighty Allah will say:

‘O Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم! Raise up your head and say whatever you wish to say and it will be heard. Ask whatever you desire and it will be fulfilled and intercede, for your intercession is accepted’
 In another narration, it has been mentioned: ‘Ask and it will be complied with’ The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلمwill then intercede and every person will receive his intercession including a person who has Imaan even as little as a mustard seed in his heart. Huzoor . will even remove from hell, those who accepted Islam with a sincere heart but did not perform any virtuous deeds. All the other Prophets will then be permitted to intercede for their respective Ummats. The Awliyah Allah, Shuhada, Ulama, Hufaaz, Haajis and every such person who has been blessed with some religious status, will be allowed to intercede for their relatives and friends. Some people will go to the Ulama and remind them that they had on certain occasion given them water for Wudu, whilst some will say to the Ulama that on certain occasions they gave them clods of clay to cleanse themselves after answering the call of nature. The Ulama will then even intercede for these people.