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Recommendation about Lapses related to the prophets

To read or discuss the issues related to the lapses of the Ambia-e- Kiraam عليهم السلام except in the recitation of the Qur’an or in narrations of the Hadith, is totally Haraam (forbidden). What right do others have to discuss such issues related to these Noble Personalities? Allah is their Lord. He may take their actions as He Wills in which ever manner He Wills. They are His beloved servants, thus they may demonstrate their humility in the Court of their Lord as they wish. None other is permitted to use these statements as a credential. One who uses these incidents as proof for himself is cursed. As for these instances which seem to show lapse on their part, are in reality based on thousands of wisdoms and good things (that we cannot even understand). In these actions, there are thousands of fruits of benefit and blessings. Look at just the one issue of Hazrat Adam عليه السلام. If he had not eaten the fruit, he would have not come down from Jannat onto earth. The earth would not have been inhabited. Neither would the Heavenly Scriptures have been revealed and nor would the Prophets have come. There would have been no jihad. The doors to hundreds of thousands of possibilities would have been closed. The one thing that opened the door to all this, was the one action of Hazrat Adam عليه السلام. The good deeds of the ordinary people have no significance in comparison to the deeds of the Prophets. These lapses of the Ambia عليهم السلام are even more superior to the best deeds of the Siddiqeen. It has been mentioned that: ‘Virtuous deeds of the righteous common people are inferior to even the lapses of the Chosen Ones’