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Punishment & Comfort of Grave

Belief: The severe punishment and comforting rewards of the grave are true (i.e. indisputable fact). Just as it has been mentioned earlier, the punishment or reward is for both the body and the soul. Even if the body has been burnt, disintegrated or turned into dust, its original particles shall still remain in existence. All the pain and comfort will be experienced through these particles. On the day of Qiyaamat, the physical body will be raised again through these particles. These are very minute particles which are found in the spinal column and are known as ‘Ajabuz Zamb’. These particles are so minute, that they cannot even be seen through a microscope. Neither can they be destroyed by fire, nor can they be eroded by the earth. These particles are in reality the basic elements of the physical body. The soul will thus be re-entered into the original body on the day of Qiyaamat, and not into a new body. The body of a person does not change merely because of certain changes in its physical structure, caused by growth or reduction. An example of this is a child, who is so small at birth, yet the child grows so quickly into an adult. Another example is that of a strong muscular youth who becomes weak and feeble due to illness. After recovering from an illness, the same youth becomes lean, strong and healthy again. After all this, it cannot be said that it is not the same person. The condition on the day of Qiyaamat is thus very much similar. If a body has been disintegrated and the bones and flesh have turned to dust, no matter wherever the particles may be, Almighty Allah will gather all the basic elements, bringing it back into being from its original particles which do not disintegrate. This is known as ‘Hashr’ (The Resurrection). Only a misguided person will reject the punishments and rewards of the grave.

Belief: If the deceased was not buried in a grave then the questions of the grave will be asked to him wherever he is. That is where he will receive either reward or punishment. In other words, if a lion ate a person, he will be questioned in the belly of the lion, and he will receive his reward or punishment too in the belly of the lion.

Law: The sand does not eat the bodies of the Prophets; the Awliyah Allah; The Ulama; the Martyrs; that Hafizul Qur’an who practiced in accordance with the commands of the Qur’an; those devoted in the love of Allah; one who never disobeyed Allah, and the one who spent his time engrossed in the recitation of Durood Shareef. Any person who says that the Nabis ‘are dead and mixed in the sand’ is an accursed, corrupt, misguided person and blasphemer.