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Journey of Me’raj

Belief: From amongst the unique attributes of the Prophet, is the Me’raj (ascension in to the heavens), when the Prophet was taken in a short space of night with his physical body from Musjid-e- Haraam (Makkah) to Musjid-e-Aqsa (in Jerusalem), and from there into the seven skies, pass the Kursi, and even beyond the Arsh (Divine Throne), and he was blessed with such closeness that has never been afforded to any other human or Angel before, and such closeness will never be afforded to anybody else again. He was blessed with the Divine Vision of Almighty Allah with the eyes of his head and heard the Kalaam (Divine Word) of Allah without any means. He observed and understood every atom in the heights of the heavens, the skies and the earths.

Belief: The entire creation from the very beginning to the end is grateful to the Prophet and this includes Hazrat Ibrahim.