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“Divine Oath” (Baia’at)

Since the Muslims by the Grace of Allah, generally have a special spiritual and emotional attachment to the Awliyah Allah and the Masha’ikh (Pious Spiritual Guides). They regard being attached to them and association with them by joining their Silsila, i.e. by becoming their mureeds (disciples) and entering their spiritual chain, a means of benefit in this world and in the hereafter. The Wahabis of this present day and age too have started the practice of ‘Peeri Mureedi’. Now, since the Wahabis have no attachment to the Awliyah Allah and neither do they truly believe in the sacredness of the Awliyah, their ‘Peeri Mureedi’ is merely a fraud to entrap the unsuspecting and innocent Muslims. Thus, if you wish to become Mureed of anyone, be sure to exercise caution and make a thorough investigation before taking the oath of allegiance at the hand of anyone because if he is a budmazhab, one will end up losing his Imaan. The poet says: ‘Shaitaan often masquerades as a human being. Therefore do not give your hand in the hand of just anyone’ There are four pre-requisites for a person to qualify as a ‘Peer’ ‘Spiritual Guide’. It is an obligation to pay careful attention to this before taking Bai’at:

  1. He should be Sunni Sahihul Aqida (righteous faithful)
  2. He should possess sufficient knowledge that allows him to resolve daily religious issues with the help of authentic books.
  3. He should not be a Fasiq Mu’lin, i.e. an open transgressor.
  4. His spiritual chain should reach the Holy Prophet عليه السلام.