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Complete Authority of the Prophet

Belief: Huzoor-e-Aqdas عليه السلام is the ‘Na’ib-e-Mutlaq’ ‘Supreme Representative’ of Almighty Allah. The entire universe has been given in the control of the Prophet عليه السلام. He may do as he pleases, giving whatever he pleases to whomsoever he pleases. He may take whatever he pleases from whomsoever he pleases. There is none in the universe that can overturn his command. The entire universe is under his authority and He . is only under the authority of Almighty Allah and none other. He is the Master of all the people. One who does not accept him as his master, is deprived of the sweetness of the Sunnat. The entire earth belongs to him and the entire Paradise is his property. All the Angels in the skies and on the earth are under his authority. The keys to Heaven and Hell have been given in his blessed hands. Sustenance and all good things are distributed through his exalted Court. This world and the hereafter is only a portion of his blessings. The authority over the Commands of Shariah has been given in the control of Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. He has the complete authority to make anything Haraam upon whomsoever he pleases and make anything Halaal upon whomsoever he pleases. He may excuse one from any obligation that he pleases.

Belief: Huzoor was the first to be conferred with the status of Nabuwat (Prophethood). On the Day of Meethaq (Covenant), all the Prophets took an oath to believe in him and assist him, and it was on this condition that they too were blessed with Nabuiwat. The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم is the Nabi of all the Nabis and all the Ambia عليهم السلام are the Ummah of the Prophet عليه السلام. Each one of them in their respective eras served under the command of the Prophet عليه السلام as his representatives. Almighty Allah made the Prophet the manifestation of His Zaat (Being), and He granted radiance to the entire universe through the Noor (light) of the beloved Rasool صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم, and it is in this sense that Huzoor عليه السلام is present everywhere. An Arabic couplet says: You are a light that blessed radiance to the entire universe, as the sun, which is fixed in the centre of the skies, brightens the cities all over the world, as its light spreads everywhere, from the East to the West However, what can be said regarding one who is adamant and spiritually diseased from within. The couplet says: If a bat is not able to see in bright daylight, It is no fault of the Sun.