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Beliefs relating to the Angels & Jins

Angels are created from Noor (light). Almighty Allah has blessed them with the ability to take whatever form they wish. They sometimes appear in the form of humans and sometimes in other forms as well.

Belief: They do only that which is commanded to them by Allah. They do not act contrary to the command of Allah either intentionally, unintentionally or by error. They are Maasum (sinless) servants of Allah and are pure and free from all major and minor sins.

Belief:  They have been assigned separate duties. Some of them deliver revelation to the Prophets, whilst some are responsible for causing rain and others are assigned to the wind. Some are assigned to delivering sustenance; some are responsible for moulding the form of the child in the womb of the mother, whilst some are responsible for changes in the human body. Some protect humans against their enemies; some of them are responsible for seeking out virtuous gatherings of those in the remembrance of Allah and presenting themselves therein. Others record the deeds of the humans, whilst many of them have been appointed to be present in the Sacred Court of the Holy Prophet عليه السلام. Some are assigned to carrying the Salutations of the people to the Court of the Prophet عليه السلام. Some are responsible for questioning the deceased, removing the soul, inflicting punishment and blowing the Soor (Horn). With the exception of these duties, there are many other duties that have been assigned to the Angels.

Belief: Angels are neither male nor female.

Belief: To accept them to be Qadeem (uncreated) or declare them to be the Creator is kufr.

Belief: Their population is only known to Him who created them (i.e. Allah) and through His informing, His Prophet also knows.

Four of the Angels are very famous, namely:

  1. Hazrat Jibra’eel عليه السلام
  2. Hazrat Mika’eel عليه السلام
  3. Hazrat Israfeel عليه السلام
  4. Hazrat Izra’eel عليه السلام

They are most superior to all the other Angels.

Belief: To show the slightest disrespect towards any Angel is kufr. Some ignorant people have the habit of referring to their enemies or someone they dislike, as Malak ul Maut (Angel of Death) or Izra’eel عليه السلام. This statement is close to the words of kufr.

Belief: To reject the existence of Angels or to say that Angels merely refer to the power of good and nothing more, are both statements of kufr.

The Jins

They are created from fire. Some from amongst them have also been given the ability to take whatever form they wish. They have very lengthy life spans. The mischievous ones amongst them are known as shaitaan. Like humans, they have intelligence, souls and bodies. They even have children and lineage. They eat, drink, live and die.

Belief: There are also Muslims (believers) and kaafirs (unbelievers) amongst them but in comparison to humans the population of their unbelievers is much more in number. The Muslims amongst them consist of both pious and sinners as well. They even have Sunni and non-Sunni (Bad Mazhabs) amongst them. There are more faasiqs (rebellious transgressors) amongst them compared to the humans.

Belief: To reject their existence or to say that shaitaan or Jin merely refers to “the power of evil’’ is kufr.