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Beliefs Regarding Allah’s Divine Being & Divine Attributes

Belief : Almighty Allah is One. He has no partners either in Being, Attributes, Actions, Commands or in Names. Almighty Allah is Waajib ul Wajood. In other words, His existence is necessary and His non-existence is Muhaal(impossible). Almighty Allah is Qadeem, in other words, He has always existed. Another name for this is also Azali (pre-eternal), in other words He will continue to exist. This is also known as Abadi (eternal). Allah Alone is worthy of being worshiped.

Belief : Almighty Allah is free from need (i.e. totally independent), in other words Allah is neither dependant on anyone nor on anything. Rather, the entire creation is dependent on Almighty Allah.

Belief : To comprehend Almighty Allah’s Zaat (Divine Self) by means of reason and intellect is absolutely impossible for that which can be understood by means of reason, can be comprehended and encompassed by the mind, and there is nothing that can enclose or comprehend Allahfs Divine Self. However, through Almighty Allah’s Doings (Affaal) His Attributes can be recognised and, through His Attributes, one is able to know about Almighty Allah’s Zaat.

Belief : His Attributes are neither synonymous with His Divine Being, nor are they separate from Him. His attributes can never be separated in any way from His Divine Being, as they are essential for His Divine Being and have no existence separate from Him.

Belief : Just as His Being is Qadeem, Azali and Abadi, His Attributes are also Qadeem, Azali and Abadi.

Belief: His Sifaat (Attributes) are neither a creation and nor are they included as being under His Divine Control (Maqdoor).

Belief: With the exception of Almighty Allah’s Being (Zaat) and Attributes (Sifaat), everything else is known as Haadith. Haadith means that everything besides Allah’s Divine Being and Attributes were inexistent, and only came into existence after being created by Almighty Allah.

Belief: One who says the Attributes of Allah to be a creation or regards it as being Haadithis a misguided and corrupt person.

Belief: One who says anything in the universe to be Qadeem (uncreated) or has a doubt regarding anything (in the universe) being Haadith (created) is an unbeliever (kaafir).

Belief: Neither is Allah, the father or son of anyone, and nor does He have any wife. Anyone who claims that Allah is the father or son of anyone, or says that Allah has a wife, is an unbeliever. Even, if one considers this to be Mumkin (a possibility), he is misguided and Bud-Deen.

Belief: Almighty Allah is Hayy. In other words, Allah is Self Existing, and the lives of everyone and everything is in His Divine Control. He gives life to whomsoever He wills and causes death whenever He wills.

Belief: He is Qaadir (has Divine Power) over everything that is possible (Mumkin). There is nothing possible that is out of his Power.

Belief: Allah is Free from anything which is Muhaal (absolutely impossible). It cannot be connected to His Qudrat because Muhaal (absolutely impossible) refers to that which can never exist. If it were to be regarded as Maqdoor, i.e. within His Divine Power, then there would be a possibility of it existing and it would no longer be regarded as something which is Muhaal. It can be better understood through this, that another Allah is Muhaal, meaning that another Allah can never exist. If this were within the Divine Power of Allah, then it would be regarded as something that can come into existence, and would thus no longer be regarded as Muhaal; not to believe that it is Muhaal (for another Allah to exist), is to reject the Wahdaniyat (Oneness) of Allah. Similarly, the destruction of Allah is Muhaal, if it were to be within His Divine Power then it would have been regarded as being a possibility, one who can come to an end can never be Allah. It has thus been proven that to believe that a Muhaal is within the Divine Power of Allah, is to reject the Divine Oneness of Allah.

Belief: It is not necessary for every Maqdoor to be present or in existence. However, it is necessary for it to be Mumkin, i.e. a possibility, even though it may not be in existence.

Belief: Almighty Allah is All Splendid and Most Graceful. He is free from all that which has deficiency or defect. In other words, it is Muhaal for there to be any deficiency or defect in Allah. Moreover, even that which neither has deficiency nor splendour is Muhaalfor Allah. Allah is free from lies, deceit, distrust, tyranny, ignorance and immodesty etc. These are all absolutely Muhaalfor Allah. To say that He has Qudrat (Power) over lying, in the sense that he can tell a lie, is to declare a Muhaal (absolutely impossible) to be Mumkin (possible) and to imply that Almighty Allah has defect. This, in reality is to reject Almighty Allah. To think that Almighty Allahfs Qudrat (Divine Power) has a weakness if He does not have Power over a Muhaal (absolutely impossible thing) is absolutely baseless. It is not a shortage or weakness in the Qudrat of Allah. In reality, it is the weakness and shortage of that Muhaal, that it is not worthy of having connection with the Divine Qudrat of Allah.

Belief: Existence, Divine Power, Divine Hearing, Divine Seeing, Divine Speech (Kalaam), Divine Knowledge and Divine Will are all His Self Attributes. He does not depend on ears, eyes and tongue to hear, see or speak, as these are all physical (i.e. belonging to a body) and Allah is free from any physical form and body. He hears the faintest of sounds and sees the smallest of things, even that which cannot be seen under the lenses of a microscope. His seeing and hearing is not only confined to this but He is all Seeing and All Hearing. We thus say that Allah sees absolutely and hears absolutely.

Belief: Like all His other Attributes, His Kalaam (Words/ Speech) is also Qadeem (uncreated). It is not eHaadithf or a creation. Anyone who says the Qurfan to be a creation has been termed a kaafir by our Imam Azam Abu Hanifa . and all the other Great Imams. The kufr (infidelity) of such a person is proven from the Sahaba-e- Kiraam.

Belief: His Kalaam (Divine Word) is free from sound. The Qurfan Shareef that we recite with our tongues and which we read from written scriptures is the uncreated Kalaam of Allah without any sound. Our reading, writing and our voices are Haadith (creation). In other words, our recitation is creation and that which we have recited is Qadeem. Our writing is Haadith and that which we have written is uncreated. Our hearing is a creation and that which we have heard is uncreated. Our memorising is a creation and that which we have memorized is uncreated.

Belief: Almighty Allah’s Knowledge encircles (surrounds) everything, whether it is complete or partial, or be it present, possible or totally impossible. In other words He knew of everything always (Azali), knows of everything currently and always knows everything forever. Things may change but His Knowledge does not change. He is aware of the fears and feelings of the hearts. His knowledge is indeed without limits.

Belief: He knows everything, be it manifest or hidden. Ilm-e-Zaati (Divine Self-Knowledge) is His unique Attribute. Any person, who tries to prove Ilm-e-Zaati, be it of manifest or hidden things, for any but Allah, is an unbeliever.

Belief: He is the Creator of everything, be it beings or actions. Everything that has been created has been created by Allah.

Belief: In reality, it is Allah who sends down sustenance. The Angels etc. are only means and channels for delivering the sustenance etc.