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Moon-sighting and Eid

When Should `Eid Al-Aḍḥā Be Celebrated? Mufti Muhammed Qamarul Hasan Qadiri Translated by: Mohammad

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Pointing the Finger in Tashahhud

Pointing One’s Finger in Tashahhud in the Light of Fiqh and Ḥadīth Written in Urdu by: Mufti Faizanu

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The Ruling of the Shariah Regarding Mechanical Slaughter

THE LAW OF SHARIAH REGARDING MECHANICAL SLAUGHTER By Muḥaddith-e-Kabīr Hazrat `Allāma Zia-ul-Mustafa

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Verdicts of First Fiqhi Seminar Conducted by Fiqhi Board of North America (FNBA) September, 2013

Verdicts given after the 1st Fiqhi Seminar of FIQHI BOARD OF AMERICA (A branch of Royat-e-Hilal Comm

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A Detailed Breakdown of Ḥajj: Ahmad Raza Khan’s ‘Anwār ul Bashārah’

Name of Work: Anwār ul Bashārah fi Masā’il il Ḥajj wa’z Ziyārah (Luminous Glad Tidings C

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Worship in Rajab and the Doubts of its Deniers

Worship in Rajab and the Doubts of its Deniers Mufti Faizanul Mustafa Qadri Al-Noor Institute of Isl

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