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This site is dedicated to education of the issues of Ḥanafi Jursiprudence, from the overarching governing topics and categories, to the individual issues and rulings. We hope that this site will not only provide practical knowledge for everyday Muslim life, but also a glimpse into the inner workings of the process of jurisprudence. We cover topics from wide range of issues and day to day problems in the community. Through our Q/A services we provide thorough answers to our users.

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Global Ulama Community 

  • Jamia Amjadia Rizvia Ghosi INDIA
    Mufti Shamshad Ahmad Misbahi
  • Contact #: 8323032914 Email:
    Allama Omair Shariff, Assistant Mudarris, Al-Noor Institute of Islamic Sciences, Houston, TX
  • Contact #: 2156743681 Email:
    Mawlana Omair Abdul Jabbar, Plano, TX
  • Contact #: 281-753-7904 Email:
    Mawlana Ahmad Muhammad, Houston, TX
  • Contact #: (+92)3064574738
    Mufti Nawaz Ashrafi, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Contact: 923014265668
    Mufti Liaqat Ali Siddique, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Contact #: 923152113571 Email:
    Mufti Maaz Ahmad Siddique, Al-Furqaan Network, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Contact #: 27714490082 Email;
    Mufti Mudassir Madani
  • Contact #: 27724510777 Email:
    Mufti Zaheer Qadri, Lenasia, South Africa
  • Contact #: 27799704769
    Mufti Abdu-Nabi Hameedi, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Email:
    Shaykh Munawwar Ateeq, Birmingham, UK
  • Email:
    Mawlana Muhammad Kalim Qadri, Masjid Noor ul Islam, Bolton, UK
  • Email:
    Mawlana Muhammad Hussein, Imam, Masjid Noor ul Islam, Bolton, UK
  • Contact #: 922132242226 Email:
    Mufti Mohammad Akmal, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Contact #: 923002171063 Email:
    Mufti Abu Bakr Shazili, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Contact #: 832-352-1992 Email:
    Allama Sayyid Aulad e Rasul Qudsi Misbahi, Imam, New York
  • Contact #: 832-606-7598 Email:
    Mufti Faizanul Mustafa Qadri, Mudarris, Al-Noor Institute of Islamic Sciences, Houston, TX
  • Contact #: 817-366-3977


    Allama Ghulam Subhani, Imam & Khateeb, Zia ul Quran Center, Arlington, TX
  • Contact #: 281-690-8547 Email:
    Dr. Ghulam Zarquani, Imam & Khateeb, Jama Mecca Masjid, Houston, TX
  • Contact #: 972-805-3786 Email:
    Mufti Ahmadul Qaderi, Mufti, Mudarris, Dar ul Uloom Azizia, Plano, TX
  • Contact #: +447773729527 Email:
    Mufti Saqib Qadri, Mufti, London, UK
  • Contact #: 832-228-5758 Email:  
    Mufti Muhammad Qamarul Hasan Bastawi, Mufti, Imam & Khateeb, Masjid Al-Noor, Houston, TX

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